Sublime and magnificent Ryozenn Kannon was built at Rakuto,higashiyama, the foot of a mountain where are always full of nature through all seasons. The appearance of the benevolent and beautiful Kannon was designed by the late Mr. Chooun Yamazaki to represent the image of "Byakue-Kannon".

(Reception will be closed at 4:00 PM)
8:40 AM to 4:20 PM

Ordinary visitor & University student:
300 yen (with incense sticks)
Junior high school student & Senior high school student:
200 yen (without incense sticks)
Elementary schoolchild:
100 yen (without incense sticks)

Height 24m;
Scale of face 1.1m;
Scale of eyebrows 1m;
Scale of eyes 1m;
Scale of noses 1.06m;
Scale of mouth 90cm;
Total weight: 500t
Construction method: steel bar-shotcrete construction

In Buddhism, a cosmic energy which exists on heaven and earth that gives life and existence for all living beings on the planet is called "Nyoi-Houju (Cintamani)" and it takes spherical shape which represents the image of an absolutely perfect being.
The precinct yard of Ryozen Kannon was known as the place of peace and good luck. It is the sacred place where the hidden treasure of Esoteric buddhism called "Nousashou-Nyoi-Houju" was buried in Heian Era.
To realize your wishes, you may enter into this genuine place of fortune. If you desire to realize your wishes, please pay a visit to Ryozen Kannon.

-Would you like to entrust your wish to a "Wishing precious stone" by offering a prayer to a small wish ball and place it to the sacred straw festoon which surrounds "Houju" for your wish-granting?
-Since many people want to keep a wishing precious stone as a talisman, we have started to offer a crystal wishing precious stone.
-You can have the crystal wishing precious stone at each reception area after we offer a special prayer for the spiritual awakening to a crystal stone.

The stonework which was created as the symbol of the Buddha represents the shape of the Buddha's footprint (foot thenar).
Both left and right footprints were made of huge stones (rocks). (H × W × t=5m × 2m60cm × 50cm)
They are made of granite which is solid and have high endurance.

Aizen Myo-o (Rāgarāja) is known as a Wisdom King (vidyā-rāja) that grants a good match, fulfillment in love and family happiness. If you wish for a good match or family happiness, please pay a visit to the inner shrine of Aizen Myo-o. Your visit will give you a path to build a good relationship.

There are symbols of guardian angels of Eto (the twelve zodiac signs) are being placed in the body of Kannon. You should offer a prayer in front of the guardian angel based on your date of birth.
(Guidance) When you enter into Kannon's body, use the stair on the right of stone footprints of the Buddha at the back of the Kannon.

Ne (Rat)
Senju Kannon Bosatsu (Sahasrabhuja ārya avalokitezvara)

(Cow and Tiger)
Kokuzo Bosatsu (Ākāśagarbha)

U (Rabbit)
Monju Bosatsu (MaJjuzrii)

(Dragon and Snake)
Fugen Bosatsu (Samanta bhadra)

Uma (Horse)
Seishi Bosatsu (Mahaasthaamapraapta)

(Sheep and Monkey)
Dainichi Nyorai (Mahāvairocana)

Tori (Bird)
Fodo Myo-o
(Acala naatha)

Inu-I (Dog and Boar)
Amida Nyorai (Amitāyus)

We hold a memorial service for the repose of souls of soldiers who died in WW II, not only Japanese soldiers, but also foreign soldiers who died to protect their country.

On the day of 8th, 18th and 28th of each month, Ryozen Fudoson becomes the ceremonial place and Honzan Shugensyu Yamabushi (Trained Buddhist Monk) burns small pieces of wood on the altar to invoke divine help to realize the prosperity of Japan, traffic safety in Japan and family happiness of all families in Japan.
On the day of 28th of each month, at 11:00 AM in Ryozen, there will be a solemn ceremony for reading of Daihannya Sutras to invoke divine help, and all monks attend in this ceremony.

The word "Mizuko" refers to aborted fetuses and those are the souls which were not able to born in this world.Guardian deities for the spirits of Mizuko those who were not able to live their lives are being placed to pray for their souls to rest in peace in heaven.